For Petrolheads, By Petrolheads
For Petrolheads, By Petrolheads
Illustration for article titled Confirmed: the LaFerrari will come to the PH, guess who owns it?

Remember the story of the first F12 Berlinetta to touch the Philippines? That was so good that Raphael Orlove even shared the news on the front page of Jalopnik! Well a year later, the owner finally get what he deserves, the new LaFerrari!


According to a buzzard of Motioncars, the lucky bastard is a politician...predictably, and that the F12 was his ticket to owning that 963 hp prancing horse.

I don't know what to feel right now, hyped to finally see "TheFerrari" every Sunday, or hate to see where our taxes went.

Photo: A.G. Photographe

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