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GT Academy has been popular worldwide for turning racing gamers and mortals into full-fledge race car drivers. Last year brought in India, Thailand, Australia, Mexico and the rest of Europe to the roster which included USA, United Kingdom, among others. Earlier today, a new country was announced to join the list, the Philippines.

According to Inquirer's Motioncars, Nissan Philippines President Toti Zara announced that the country will be included in the countries eligible for GT Academy joining its Southeast Asia neighbors Indonesia and Malaysia as new additions for 2015. It will be done through online and live competitions with specially-designed Gran Turismo pods. The 12 lucky individuals will be brought to Silverstone Circuit for their chance to be a legit racer...and represent the Philippines in international motorsport!


As a Filipino Gran Turismo fan, I am so excited for this announcement! Before, I doubted this would happen since the Philippines is not included in the countries in Playstation Network. I'm now waiting for the official news to see the entire Filipino GT community flip!

Better prepare for the online event with my trusty Dualshock!

Photo: Nissan/GT Academy, edited with Philippine flag by me

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