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Last weekend, Honda of America posted on their Facebook page that they are supporting the 2016 Columbus Pride Parade in Ohio. As this is the internet, many people were displeased with the support, and majority of them were from Malaysia and Indonesia.

585 angry faces and counting...

In case you didn’t know, Malaysia and Indonesia are two Southeast Asian countries where Muslims are dominant. Homosexuality is not allowed in the Islam religion, and as you can tell by their behavior, most of these people from the two SEA countries started to attack and boycott the post made by Honda of America, not Honda Malaysia or Indonesia. I don’t even.

Many people were rushing in trying to make another “Honda is gay” joke while others Some would even go as far as to sell their Honda and buy Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. instead! However, this triggered fellow puts the cherry on the top!

Wow, it’s like as if she was Anita Sarkeesian’s Islamic cousin!

But in all seriousness, these people are sick. Everyone should appreciate the diversity of our world, whether it be by country, color, race, age, culture and, of course, gender. I applaud Honda for their support towards the pride parade last Saturday. And to the homophobes who bombarded the comment section...


...can you give us your Hondas? VTEC is more valuable than your existence on Earth.

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