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Hot Import Nights is an American car event where tuners are everywhere. First originated in California, HIN soon expanded throughout the USA, and soon, reached the Philippines! Meanwhile, Bumper to Bumper answered the questions of a local HIN-inspired car show. This year, they decided to merge the two events into one giant car pornography site!


For two days (April 26-27), I enjoyed myself taking a look at these amazing tuners and classics, and staying under the sun was worth it! To show these hot cars and hot girls that came to this show, check out out Flickr page for 57 high-quality photos, just in case if you want them as you wallpaper!

Just for fun, I want to showcase the highlights!


There's more where that came from! *wink*


Coming up next: The 23rd Trans Sport Show, May 22-25, 2014!


Stay tuned for more SHOW STOPPIN'! Remember...

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