For Petrolheads, By Petrolheads

Want to own a LaFerrari? Well, you should have told the people of Maranello that you own five Ferrari models like this lucky Filipino bastard. Unfortunately, all 499 units have been sold out. No fear though because this Ferrari dealer in Kagoshima, Japan will help you lose a lot of cash thanks to this used Ferrari...TheFerrari!


When I said used, it mean 76 km! A plastic-wrapped, barely-driven, clean-as-eff LaFerrari straight from an authorized used dealership! I love how, after typing the usual information needed, it ends with a motivational line, “It’s now or never!” as if the seller wants you to fork over everything you have for this 963 HP, hybrid-powered holy grail!

The seller didn’t specify the price, so you can give as many bucks as you want! Unless you live in Japan, better save up some extra extra more for the import taxes. Go check it out yourself!


Photos: Goo-net

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